logo design

Brand and ID development are super important considerations when starting a new business or wanting to renovate your existing brand or logo.

And really, it's more than just choosing a cool font and printing up business cards....and your next door neighbours kid isn't going to do a great job just becasue he knows how to use PhotoShop....really.

We work with you in capturing what it is YOU DO and what make's YOU and YOUR BUSINESS special. Then we make it look awesome and provide it to you in a format that can be used in electronic format, printed format and even extra large format for banners and signs. And even better, we can take your new brand and apply it to your business cards, brochures, clothing, vehicles and your website....all within a reasonable timeframe and working with friendly and genuinely happy people - what more could you ask for!  

  • Lush Logic logo
  • Compost for Soils logo
  • Ruby Hall logo
  • Ozone Dental logo
  • AORA logo